Skullcandy Black Denim G.I. Headphones

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Electronics and Gadgets
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I recently heard about this amazing pair of headphones and decided to get my head around some technical specifications, which of course I got off the Internet. Quite some reviews reading later, I drew up the conclusion that it’s worth the buy. However, living in a somewhat limited country from an electronic point of view I though the purchase would be a problem. I must mention that I heard about these headphones on a social website, which happens to be the shops’ profile. Thus in this case the availability was not an issue.

Lets cut to the chase. The package looks pretty nifty and really appealing to the potential customers’ eyes. Skullcandy really spent some time designing the packaging and did a good job in rotating one of the units for a better view. I guess this marketing strategy is part of the overall unique design Skullcandy aims at. The drawback to the packaging is the amount of time it takes to actually open it, I cannot figure out why Skullcandy would create such an impenetrable shield. However, the time is well spent, believe me. The rest of the package contents are a surprise for the customer.   

The headphones are very comfortable to wear and are suited to different consumer tastes. They come with an extra pair of ear cushion material, which is different from the factory mounted ones. However, after wearing them for a few hours they start to feel rather squishy on the ears and can create discomfort. The headphones come with a fully adjustable mechanism to suit various sizes and shapes. The cable is long enough to keep the mp3 device within the pockets of your pants or the cable extension can be removed to keep the mp3 device within the pockets of your shirt. The headphones arrive with a volume-changing device on the cable to ensure easy volume operation.

The sound quality is amazing comparing the sound of other similar priced units. The headphones perform well on most of my tracks, however they tend to rattle a little when large amounts of bass are poured. I must say that the best sound quality I got using the units was when connected to the iPod. It seems to work best with the fine sound tuning of Apple. The bass, treble and slam are very well tuned and do not pop your head when you experience full blasts of volume, as I feel with the original iPod headphones.

Overall the Skullcandy G.I. headphones are a great purchase and will please almost anyone with a tight budget. The headphones do not sacrifice sound quality for price and look great anywhere you go, however I wouldn’t wear them in the head principles’ office.

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