Posted: March 1, 2010 in Electronics and Gadgets
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These days i was so bored at home due to the lack of activities and my Sony PSP 3000 suddenly cought my attention. After using it for a while, i remembered the PSP GO came out a while back. So i decided to write a review on these two similar portable gaming consoles realeased by Sony.

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is know for its brick-like aspect which fits very well in the hands of the users. Its dimensions are Approx. 170 mm (L) x 74 mm (W) x 23 mm (D), with a weight of approx. 260g (including the battery). The system performance of the PSP CPU is around the 333MHz frequency with an embedded DRAM of 4MB, which gives the user a pretty good gaming experience. Another very important aspect in my opinion is the actual TFT LCD display size of 4.3 inches which is very useful when watching a movie. It provides 480×272 pixels and 16.77 million colors. The built-in stereo speakers are not the best, the sound quality is good but the actual power and intensity is poor. Even the headphones music experience is not that great.Main Input/Output:IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi), USB 2.0 (Target), Memory Stick™ PRO Duo, IrDA, IR Remote (SIRCS). The PSP uses a disc drive to play the UMD Drive (playback only) in order for games and movies to be accesed.

The PSP GO is very simillar to the PSP 3000, however there are some differences.The PSP Go has a 3.8-inch wide screen (versus 4.3-inch on all previous PSP models). This is one of the main disadvantages for the GO, as one of the motives i bought the PSP for, was for the relatively large display. So the gaming and movie watching experience just got worse for the PSP GO owners. This new model lacks the UMD Drive as the games will be downloaded directly from the Sony Playstation Store, thus no hard copy will be needed. In my opinion, many peple preffer having a hard copy of a game, thus there will be more dissapointment. Also there will be no way to play existing PSP software you might own due to the lack of the UMD Drive. The abscence of the UMD Drive made the PSP GO 43% ligher than the PSP 3000, as if the 3000 was as heavy as a PS3:| . The only aspect of the PSP GO which attracted my atention was the built-in flash memory of 16GB which elimantes the need for a memory stick, thus extra costs of purchase are cut. However the GO still provdes and expandable memory slot via a Memory Stick Micro (M2). In addition to Wi-Fi support, the PSP Go adds Bluetooth capability to the Sony handheld platform for the first time. The Go boasts the same support for music, video, and photo files as earlier PSPs.

To sum it all up, the PSP GO will provide Bluetooth capability, a sliding screen to uncover the keys, a built-in flash memory of 16GB but will give a smaller TFT LCD display by 0.5 inches and no UDM Drive plus a higher price than the previous PSP 3000.

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