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I’ve been playing World of Warcraft over my summer holiday and as a result I nearly destroyed my laptop keyboard and my fingers mainly because laptops are not designed to withstand this stress, nor capable of offering a long-term confortable gameplay experience. However, Razer has developed a gaming handheld console especially designed to boost the average gaming experience through its uniqueness and simplistic layout of in-game commands. The keyboard may seem like your average keyboard. But it’s not! It’s actually an LCD screen covered with a clear plastic layer of keys. This enables WOW players to fully exploit the Switchblade’s potential as it can be used for the various in-game features and game types (including DOTA). The ability to change and mix the keys to suit the taste of the player and the diverse abilities of heroes within the game further amplifies the utility of this handheld console. The Switchblade comes with a 7” capacitative touchscreen. Because the skills bar is now on your keyboard it will no longer take up screen space enabling a full 7” view of action. The OS of the device will be the well know windows 7 with a custom Razer user interface. So it can be used for more than just gaming and Warcraft.



I’ve seen that some of you folks out there are looking for some of the latest Nokia phone releases. I tried my best to find some and I’ll share them with you.

This is the X2 Nokia and by looking at the specs it seems to be pretty basic. It comes with a 99,99 pounds label while SIM free. To be honest, the price is higher than the phone can deliver considering the basic specs as well. The phone can be purchased in Black/Red or Silver/Blue as seen in the picture. I assume the Black/Red version looks more visually attractive than this highly repulsive pallet of colours. It has a 2.2″ screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and supports up to 260,000 colours. The only attractive feature of this phone is the camera I’d say. It comes with the highly powerful 5 megapixel camera (2592 x 1544 pixels), which is backed up with an LED flash.

The E5 is pretty much the same as the precedented  QWERTY keypad models. It brings nothing new to the market just the desire to maintain the being “new” fashion. You can get this model in carbon black, chalk white, copper brown and a few other colours. Notice the fancy colour names? Ridiculous product marketing strategies… Nokia has equiped the E5 with a 2.36″ screen which is capable of delivering up to 256,000 colours. It even has the same 5 megapixel camera as the phone reviewed above. It may all sound nice, having a 5 MP camera but let me tell you that the actual potential of those cameras is overrated. The output is nowhere near an actual 5MP specialized camera. My point is don’t be fooled by the numbers.

The C6 is also heavily based on previous models taking into account the design. However, it does come with a full backlit slide-out keyboard with navigation key, which could come in handy pretty often. If you don’t like the keyboard much, then you might find the resistive touch screen useful. The 3.2″ size will enable easy mobility and functionality within the menu, which from my experience is not hard to predict. The 16.7 million colours help the phone provide a great multimedia experience when it comes to videos and pictures. The camera is also 5MP and generates both JPEG and EXIF formats. The phone can be purchased in Black or White. I’d definitely go with the black model as its easier to keep clean and just looks better overall.


To sum it all up, I’m not impressed with any of the 3 phones. Why should I be? If Nokia wants to sell us the same thing over again that doesn’t mean we have to play their game and buy them. Nevertheless, if I was in the position of changing my phone in the near future I would definitely go with the C6. I just feel that I get more for my money with the C6 even if it brings nothing new to the market. In the end its all about the consumer’s taste so my preferred model might not appeal to you. Before buying just consider the environment and ask yourself the question “Do I really need this??”

Creativity around the internet never seizes to amaze me. However, there is creativity and there is epic. I give you the Lego USB memory stick. You might wonder where can you buy one from? The answer is you can very easily make one yourself. Just get some Lego parts, which you are willing to destroy and the actual hardware of a memory stick without the external shell.  The result?

If you want to check out the whole assembly process step by step then follow the link

I might try this out myself 😀

Have you ever opened your electronics drawer or box and notice you have like hundreds of chargers and USB cables for every phone or for every MP3 you ever had? Nowadays every phone has a unique charger which can only be used for that particular model and when you decide it’s time for a change you end up with another charger that does the same exact job as the one before. Companies instruct their R&D departments to design different accessories for every model they produce. I personally see this almost every day when I have to search an entire box to find the chargers that fit all my electronics.

Products are especially designed and produced to last less and contain more and more toxic materials which leads us to the answer of why electronics get cheaper. They may have increases in performance but they last around for less time as they are easier to brake but harder to repair or upgrade. Ever wondered why sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a new DVD player rather than to repair the old one? It’s because of the “designed for the dump” concept on which firms build their products. They use this so that they continuously sell new units every time they break down. The parts the old DVD needs to be fixed are discontinued or are too expensive to be bought alone. For example if I want to upgrade my processor on my laptop I will most probably find out that the new processors built out there are not compatible with my old motherboard. If I decided to buy the new motherboard then I come across the conclusion that my audio unit and my 3D video unit are no longer suitable or compatible with the newly produced motherboards. After more compatibility issues you will probably end up buying a new laptop just because you wanted to change the processor which could of easily been solved if all the processors were compatible with the old motherboard. It’s obviously more profitable for a multinational corporate business to sell a new laptop altogether rather than just a small chip.

The major issue here is the extra consumption of natural resources these companies use to provide products. I mean, compare the amount of resources needed to build a chip and the amount needed for a whole new laptop. Think of all those resources that companies waste on a regular basis, which could be saved to preserve our ecosystem for a longer time.

For more information and a nice animated version visit

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After a few “evil” fanboy comments on my previous PS3 vs Xbox 360 post I decided to lay out my actual opinion and position regarding this matter. You may be asking yourselves where are the comments?! Well, I had to delete them because some individuals can’t express their opinions and suggestions by using polite language with some solid arguments. I think I did all of us a good by doing that 🙂   To be clear I own a slim PS3 and I love it. However, I also play on my friends Xbox 360 because I left my console back home due to airplane weight limitations.

The actual reason behind the purchase of my PS3 is because all my friends have a PS3 so buying an Xbox 360 would be total nonsense as communicating and co-op modes would be a failed dream. There are some obvious technical differences between the two consoles but I really could not care less as long as my gaming experience is not altered in any way, shape or form!  Plus I love GT5 and Killzone which further suggests why I went for the PS3.

The red ring of death issue with the Xbox 360 does not put the PS3 in a good light at all. I thought the PS3 is better constructed but it came to my attention it really isn’t. I’ve stumbled upon multiple cases of Blu-ray unit malfunction which costs enough to put you off. The Blu-ray unit is the USP of a PS3 … if that defects then we have an issue.

I’ve recently watched and read some information on the “designed for the dump” concept and this is exactly what Microsoft and Sony are doing with their consoles. I’ll write more about this concept in my next post.

I hope this clears out things and have a great time using your consoles!

Here is a list of the 10 best selling mobile phones of all time, which I managed to get off wikipedia. Its very obvious why the nokia 1100 and the nokia 3210 made it to the first 2 positions of the list, and this is due to its high affordability and simplicity which meets the needs of the average user and both are probably the best in terms of quality-price ratio.


The moment has come, and this is the moment when the Wii can kiss its market bye bye. The Kinect and the Move are here to take over and show the Wii how it’s done. Atleast that should be the main idea behind this gigantic technological advance in gaming consoles experience. The Move and the Wii are both very similar ideas to start with. However, the Move is known to be more precise, more interactive and just a way better version than the Wii idea. Both gadgets enable the user to play their games at a whole different level than before. The Kinect is more of a motion sensor that scan the whole body movement whereas the Move is just a remote with a motion sensor. From the looks of it the Kinect should be a better toy, however, it all narrows down to the available games. For now, the Kinect can be used for Kinectimals. Yes, you got that right, Kinectimals is a game regarding animals.

It is undoubted that both the Kinect and the Move are great ideas with great potential, however it all depends on the game developers that choose to use this technology. It could be a very long time infront of us until we actually get to play Killzone with the Move remote or Halo with the Kinect sensor.

In my opinion this is where the Wii has failed. It is way too focused on group games or sporty related games. It leaves the hardcore, blood thirsty gamer in the dark using his old wireless six-axis joystick controller. The Wii is too deep inside the niche, it is too specialised and that is why it will be left in the dark by the Kinect and the Move in the near future. I think that large gaming developers will start using this tech when its well established within the gaming community due to the potential high financial risk. Until then, we will probably enjoy basic games such as Kinectimals.