The Switchblade

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Electronics and Gadgets
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I’ve been playing World of Warcraft over my summer holiday and as a result I nearly destroyed my laptop keyboard and my fingers mainly because laptops are not designed to withstand this stress, nor capable of offering a long-term confortable gameplay experience. However, Razer has developed a gaming handheld console especially designed to boost the average gaming experience through its uniqueness and simplistic layout of in-game commands. The keyboard may seem like your average keyboard. But it’s not! It’s actually an LCD screen covered with a clear plastic layer of keys. This enables WOW players to fully exploit the Switchblade’s potential as it can be used for the various in-game features and game types (including DOTA). The ability to change and mix the keys to suit the taste of the player and the diverse abilities of heroes within the game further amplifies the utility of this handheld console. The Switchblade comes with a 7” capacitative touchscreen. Because the skills bar is now on your keyboard it will no longer take up screen space enabling a full 7” view of action. The OS of the device will be the well know windows 7 with a custom Razer user interface. So it can be used for more than just gaming and Warcraft.


  1. Dimiter says:

    Important consumer advice for the WOW fanatics out there! Can this laptop be utilised for other purposes as well? Because if it is only for playing WOW, then it is pretty well unusable for most.

    • 3milian says:

      WOW has a base of 10 million players on paid servers. Note that the figure doesn’t include the private server players. I’m sure that is a pretty big potential market. There have previously been developed other WOW specific products as well. The Switchblade has Windows 7 installed so it can be used for other things as well but it’s mainly focused on gaming. WOW was the best case study as the keyboard on the Switchblade reaches its full potential when used with WOW in my opinion.

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