Nokia new releases

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Electronics and Gadgets
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I’ve seen that some of you folks out there are looking for some of the latest Nokia phone releases. I tried my best to find some and I’ll share them with you.

This is the X2 Nokia and by looking at the specs it seems to be pretty basic. It comes with a 99,99 pounds label while SIM free. To be honest, the price is higher than the phone can deliver considering the basic specs as well. The phone can be purchased in Black/Red or Silver/Blue as seen in the picture. I assume the Black/Red version looks more visually attractive than this highly repulsive pallet of colours. It has a 2.2″ screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and supports up to 260,000 colours. The only attractive feature of this phone is the camera I’d say. It comes with the highly powerful 5 megapixel camera (2592 x 1544 pixels), which is backed up with an LED flash.

The E5 is pretty much the same as the precedented  QWERTY keypad models. It brings nothing new to the market just the desire to maintain the being “new” fashion. You can get this model in carbon black, chalk white, copper brown and a few other colours. Notice the fancy colour names? Ridiculous product marketing strategies… Nokia has equiped the E5 with a 2.36″ screen which is capable of delivering up to 256,000 colours. It even has the same 5 megapixel camera as the phone reviewed above. It may all sound nice, having a 5 MP camera but let me tell you that the actual potential of those cameras is overrated. The output is nowhere near an actual 5MP specialized camera. My point is don’t be fooled by the numbers.

The C6 is also heavily based on previous models taking into account the design. However, it does come with a full backlit slide-out keyboard with navigation key, which could come in handy pretty often. If you don’t like the keyboard much, then you might find the resistive touch screen useful. The 3.2″ size will enable easy mobility and functionality within the menu, which from my experience is not hard to predict. The 16.7 million colours help the phone provide a great multimedia experience when it comes to videos and pictures. The camera is also 5MP and generates both JPEG and EXIF formats. The phone can be purchased in Black or White. I’d definitely go with the black model as its easier to keep clean and just looks better overall.


To sum it all up, I’m not impressed with any of the 3 phones. Why should I be? If Nokia wants to sell us the same thing over again that doesn’t mean we have to play their game and buy them. Nevertheless, if I was in the position of changing my phone in the near future I would definitely go with the C6. I just feel that I get more for my money with the C6 even if it brings nothing new to the market. In the end its all about the consumer’s taste so my preferred model might not appeal to you. Before buying just consider the environment and ask yourself the question “Do I really need this??”

  1. Nokia seems to be in a constant struggle to sell their phones. Yes they are number one, but that is because they sell the cheapo handsets. Their more technological phones do not come even near to brands such as Samsung or HTC….Let alone the Android OS which is far superior than Symbian.

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