After a few “evil” fanboy comments on my previous PS3 vs Xbox 360 post I decided to lay out my actual opinion and position regarding this matter. You may be asking yourselves where are the comments?! Well, I had to delete them because some individuals can’t express their opinions and suggestions by using polite language with some solid arguments. I think I did all of us a good by doing that 🙂   To be clear I own a slim PS3 and I love it. However, I also play on my friends Xbox 360 because I left my console back home due to airplane weight limitations.

The actual reason behind the purchase of my PS3 is because all my friends have a PS3 so buying an Xbox 360 would be total nonsense as communicating and co-op modes would be a failed dream. There are some obvious technical differences between the two consoles but I really could not care less as long as my gaming experience is not altered in any way, shape or form!  Plus I love GT5 and Killzone which further suggests why I went for the PS3.

The red ring of death issue with the Xbox 360 does not put the PS3 in a good light at all. I thought the PS3 is better constructed but it came to my attention it really isn’t. I’ve stumbled upon multiple cases of Blu-ray unit malfunction which costs enough to put you off. The Blu-ray unit is the USP of a PS3 … if that defects then we have an issue.

I’ve recently watched and read some information on the “designed for the dump” concept and this is exactly what Microsoft and Sony are doing with their consoles. I’ll write more about this concept in my next post.

I hope this clears out things and have a great time using your consoles!


Here is a list of the 10 best selling mobile phones of all time, which I managed to get off wikipedia. Its very obvious why the nokia 1100 and the nokia 3210 made it to the first 2 positions of the list, and this is due to its high affordability and simplicity which meets the needs of the average user and both are probably the best in terms of quality-price ratio.


The moment has come, and this is the moment when the Wii can kiss its market bye bye. The Kinect and the Move are here to take over and show the Wii how it’s done. Atleast that should be the main idea behind this gigantic technological advance in gaming consoles experience. The Move and the Wii are both very similar ideas to start with. However, the Move is known to be more precise, more interactive and just a way better version than the Wii idea. Both gadgets enable the user to play their games at a whole different level than before. The Kinect is more of a motion sensor that scan the whole body movement whereas the Move is just a remote with a motion sensor. From the looks of it the Kinect should be a better toy, however, it all narrows down to the available games. For now, the Kinect can be used for Kinectimals. Yes, you got that right, Kinectimals is a game regarding animals.

It is undoubted that both the Kinect and the Move are great ideas with great potential, however it all depends on the game developers that choose to use this technology. It could be a very long time infront of us until we actually get to play Killzone with the Move remote or Halo with the Kinect sensor.

In my opinion this is where the Wii has failed. It is way too focused on group games or sporty related games. It leaves the hardcore, blood thirsty gamer in the dark using his old wireless six-axis joystick controller. The Wii is too deep inside the niche, it is too specialised and that is why it will be left in the dark by the Kinect and the Move in the near future. I think that large gaming developers will start using this tech when its well established within the gaming community due to the potential high financial risk. Until then, we will probably enjoy basic games such as Kinectimals.

I had the rather interesting opportunity of trying out the Xbox 360 lately, which frankly made me really eager to write this comparison review. Both consoles are wide known and used, however there is this question that keeps bugging me whenever I see an Xbox 360 and that is “Why waste money?”

From an aesthetics point of view, I think the Sony PS3 is miles ahead the rather old looking Xbox. Sony designed multiple versions of the same console, to try and suit different consumer tastes, if you prefer the phat version with the sleek, glossy black or the slim matte black version its up to you. Whereas for the Xbox, there is only one choice, the plain, boring white color. I know Microsoft decided to look more “modern” by delighting the consumers with the glossy black, but that just seems to me like Microsoft is desperately trying and failing at the same time. Even the controller, of the Xbox feels like holding a big chunk of plastic with that massive battery on the back which looks really unpleasant and outdated. However, it does fit well into the hand of the user and creates no discomfort at all. I must admit the PS3 controller starts to create some sort of discomfort after a few hours of continuous play.

The PS3 proves yet again its advanced specs with the Blue-Ray player which is capable of delivering very high quality movies and gaming experience. Whereas the Xbox still uses a … DVD. This limits the gaming experience and quality of images before even playing any DVD’s. Everyone must agree that Sony is more technologically advanced from the specs point of view. Still not convinced? What about the lack of any wi-fi on the Xbox? Still needs cables or wireless adapters which just increase the final cost of using an Xbox. The Sony PS3 has its own incorporated wi-fi signal receiver which enables the PS3 to be used in any wi-fi available spot without thinking about any extra cables. The Xbox 360 also lacks a sensible storage capacity. If you want to store movies and music then you most likely have to get a separate storage medium for the console which add to your final cost. This is probably one of the reasons why the Xbox is cheaper than the PS3. The PS3 comes with 120GB and even 250GB, thus you don’t buy any additional equipment to properly use the console. 

Another disadvantage of getting the Xbox is the actual fee which must be paid on an yearly basis to be able to create an Xbox live account, which grants access to the online features. From what I understand its costs about 40 pounds a year. Doesn’t seem much, but if you are on a tight budget, 40 pounds could mean a brand new game or several pre-owned ones. Thinking about it, by paying the actual fee, the Xbox user doesn’t get any extra features compared to the Sony PS3 user, in fact the Xbox user gets less. PS3 internet connectivity is free and its totally limitless. The PS3 also offers a nice virtual environment where players can create their own look and chat to others whilst, playing different games such as pool or bowling even dancing. All this comes free with the Sony PSN. The PS3 also has a nice internet browser, which can be used for watching videos or checking e-mail or virtually exploring any web page.

And there is this other rather weird looking electricity transformer which is used by the Xbox, It is literally huge and looks like it’s been made when Hitler was invading Europe. I guess it’s just one of those things that Microsoft uses to make the PS3 owners even more delighted they made the rite choice.

I must emphasize on the menu layout choice of both gaming giants as well. The Sony PS3 menu layout is way more user friendly and in my opinion it also looks better. We shouldn’t forget that the PS3 menu is also more customizable which enables it to be suited to a billion user preferences trough the available themes (free or with charge depending on the themes). I think its worthwhile mentioning the availability of animated themes which gives your user interface a even more interesting look. And now to move on to the cluttered, boring, unpleasant user interface of the Xbox. It has a menu virtually everywhere. You can go both left, right, up, down I would imagine Xbox working on the forward and backward menu as well. There is no sense of direction whatsoever. It looks like WWI or an alien invasion was coming forth and Microsoft decided to rush everything and decided to throw everything all over the place.

I know the market for these two consoles keeps changing and this post will get outdated the next second so tune in and check for updates. Thanks for reading.


After finding some more concepts, I decided to share them with you guys. In my opinion looking at concepts can sometimes change the mood to a better one or could make you think “Oh! So that’s gonna be next!”. These microwaves on the steroids could be the next step in our daily lives thus it’s a good idea to know what’s coming.

This Nokia phone looks rather similar to the average mp3 player. However, it delivers a nice black touch with a centred display screen, which might attract some teens. In my opinion, nothing special here, just another Nokia phone.

The Connext concept seems to me like one of those concepts that delights everyone but will probably never reach the market. Looks pretty similar to the Nokia Morph concept with the bending technology, however, it looks more like a A/C remote control. The only Unique Selling Point it has, is the bending ability, excluding that, nothing  interests me in this concept.

Nokia has yet again surprised me with this amazing  E97 concept, which I hope will find its way on the market soon. It has a very practical design, which includes a QWERTY keyboard, a neat and sleek design with a nice glossy black touch and a very intelligent changeable memory technology. The display, which also contains the memory of the phone, can easily be removed and changed amongst other phones, which enables a fast and easy transfer of information and data. The main flow behind this idea, is the assumption that this phone will sell like iPhones or Blackberrys. If a very small number of E97 will be sold, then the memory transfer technology will be quite useless. On the other hand, i would buy this phone just for the looks, so this memory transfer idea won’t really affect me. Overall, Nokia has really nailed this one and has created a really attractive model.

The following post is directed towards all the mobile phone concept fans out there who wish to find out about some of the best designs in my opinion. The information regarding the phones will be limited, mostly because it’s not a review post its just for pleasuring the eye.

This Samsung Brix concept phone looks pretty neat in my opinion. I can’t really identify the exact shape of the phone but it seems like it has some sort of extendable speakers. Seems like a great phone for multimedia purposes. The main idea behind it, is that the user can add addition Bricks or pieces (like Lego) to expand the multimedia capabilities of this phone. If the user requires a bigger screen, then extra Bricks can be added and the screen will be enlarged. This concept functions on the idea of “Need more? Add more!”

Have to say that this Nokia Touch looks amazing and has great potential out there. Nokia has got us used to the huge diversity of models and specs they provide the market with but this one really stands out from the crowd.

S series looks great and probably feels great too, taking into consideration the wooden finish. You can just imagine this phone on the leather seat or on the leather dashboard of a Bentley. It has a great potential to win out in the business class for mobile phone users.

The whole architecture of the phone inspires luxury and quality of taste. It’s not only great to have it, but you will also create a sophisticated external aura amongst your business partners due to the sleek appearance of this phone.

Apple has yet again released a so-called improvement from a technical point of view of the early iPhone 3GS. These technical changes between the two phones are not significant for the average phone user, however, on the other hand it may stir up some excitement within the Apple fan group.

Processor Apple A4

SIM standard Micro SIM

Display 3.5-inch IPS 960 x 640

Cellular GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz only)

Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR wireless technology

Camera 5-megapixel still camera

VGA-quality photos and video at up to 30 frames

per second with the front camera

Size and weight

Height: 4.5 inches (115.2 mm)

Width: 2.31 inches (58.6 mm)

Depth: 0.37 inch (9.3 mm)

Weight: 4.8 ounces (137 grams)

Taking into account the close competition, the iPhone 4 is not really the best from a quality-gadget-price point of view. There are other phones out there on the market, which bring better specs and to be honest even look better. An example would be the Motorola Droid X. Apple iPhone 4 comes with a 199$ price tag, which is the same with Droid X. Looking at all these specs and prices may give you an idea about the two phones, but when u see the Droid X, iPhone 4 seems outdated and shows a lack of design. 

I don’t understand why the Apple design crew decided to suddenly abandon the curvy and stylish approach for a more common straight edged design. Most of Apples’ iPods (both Touch and Nano) and previous iPhones came with the curvy stylish production design, which I think was more representative and appealing. The Apple iPod Touch generation 1 had this boxy design but then gen 2 and gen 3 came with a nice improved curvy design, whereas the evolution for the iPhone was exactly the other way round.