Sony PS3 vs Microsoft Xbox 360 (2)

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Electronics and Gadgets
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After a few “evil” fanboy comments on my previous PS3 vs Xbox 360 post I decided to lay out my actual opinion and position regarding this matter. You may be asking yourselves where are the comments?! Well, I had to delete them because some individuals can’t express their opinions and suggestions by using polite language with some solid arguments. I think I did all of us a good by doing that 🙂   To be clear I own a slim PS3 and I love it. However, I also play on my friends Xbox 360 because I left my console back home due to airplane weight limitations.

The actual reason behind the purchase of my PS3 is because all my friends have a PS3 so buying an Xbox 360 would be total nonsense as communicating and co-op modes would be a failed dream. There are some obvious technical differences between the two consoles but I really could not care less as long as my gaming experience is not altered in any way, shape or form!  Plus I love GT5 and Killzone which further suggests why I went for the PS3.

The red ring of death issue with the Xbox 360 does not put the PS3 in a good light at all. I thought the PS3 is better constructed but it came to my attention it really isn’t. I’ve stumbled upon multiple cases of Blu-ray unit malfunction which costs enough to put you off. The Blu-ray unit is the USP of a PS3 … if that defects then we have an issue.

I’ve recently watched and read some information on the “designed for the dump” concept and this is exactly what Microsoft and Sony are doing with their consoles. I’ll write more about this concept in my next post.

I hope this clears out things and have a great time using your consoles!

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