Microsoft’s Kinect … Sony PlayStation Move and the … Wii

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Electronics and Gadgets
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The moment has come, and this is the moment when the Wii can kiss its market bye bye. The Kinect and the Move are here to take over and show the Wii how it’s done. Atleast that should be the main idea behind this gigantic technological advance in gaming consoles experience. The Move and the Wii are both very similar ideas to start with. However, the Move is known to be more precise, more interactive and just a way better version than the Wii idea. Both gadgets enable the user to play their games at a whole different level than before. The Kinect is more of a motion sensor that scan the whole body movement whereas the Move is just a remote with a motion sensor. From the looks of it the Kinect should be a better toy, however, it all narrows down to the available games. For now, the Kinect can be used for Kinectimals. Yes, you got that right, Kinectimals is a game regarding animals.

It is undoubted that both the Kinect and the Move are great ideas with great potential, however it all depends on the game developers that choose to use this technology. It could be a very long time infront of us until we actually get to play Killzone with the Move remote or Halo with the Kinect sensor.

In my opinion this is where the Wii has failed. It is way too focused on group games or sporty related games. It leaves the hardcore, blood thirsty gamer in the dark using his old wireless six-axis joystick controller. The Wii is too deep inside the niche, it is too specialised and that is why it will be left in the dark by the Kinect and the Move in the near future. I think that large gaming developers will start using this tech when its well established within the gaming community due to the potential high financial risk. Until then, we will probably enjoy basic games such as Kinectimals.

  1. That is a good preview you have there. However, I do not think this is Wii’s last breath. Many parents with kids, still think that the Wii has a better appeal for children, when stacked up next to those overpriced, highly technological gargoyles. Nintendo still has its market for children, and young parents.

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