Sony PlayStation 3 vs. Microsoft Xbox 360

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Electronics and Gadgets
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I had the rather interesting opportunity of trying out the Xbox 360 lately, which frankly made me really eager to write this comparison review. Both consoles are wide known and used, however there is this question that keeps bugging me whenever I see an Xbox 360 and that is “Why waste money?”

From an aesthetics point of view, I think the Sony PS3 is miles ahead the rather old looking Xbox. Sony designed multiple versions of the same console, to try and suit different consumer tastes, if you prefer the phat version with the sleek, glossy black or the slim matte black version its up to you. Whereas for the Xbox, there is only one choice, the plain, boring white color. I know Microsoft decided to look more “modern” by delighting the consumers with the glossy black, but that just seems to me like Microsoft is desperately trying and failing at the same time. Even the controller, of the Xbox feels like holding a big chunk of plastic with that massive battery on the back which looks really unpleasant and outdated. However, it does fit well into the hand of the user and creates no discomfort at all. I must admit the PS3 controller starts to create some sort of discomfort after a few hours of continuous play.

The PS3 proves yet again its advanced specs with the Blue-Ray player which is capable of delivering very high quality movies and gaming experience. Whereas the Xbox still uses a … DVD. This limits the gaming experience and quality of images before even playing any DVD’s. Everyone must agree that Sony is more technologically advanced from the specs point of view. Still not convinced? What about the lack of any wi-fi on the Xbox? Still needs cables or wireless adapters which just increase the final cost of using an Xbox. The Sony PS3 has its own incorporated wi-fi signal receiver which enables the PS3 to be used in any wi-fi available spot without thinking about any extra cables. The Xbox 360 also lacks a sensible storage capacity. If you want to store movies and music then you most likely have to get a separate storage medium for the console which add to your final cost. This is probably one of the reasons why the Xbox is cheaper than the PS3. The PS3 comes with 120GB and even 250GB, thus you don’t buy any additional equipment to properly use the console. 

Another disadvantage of getting the Xbox is the actual fee which must be paid on an yearly basis to be able to create an Xbox live account, which grants access to the online features. From what I understand its costs about 40 pounds a year. Doesn’t seem much, but if you are on a tight budget, 40 pounds could mean a brand new game or several pre-owned ones. Thinking about it, by paying the actual fee, the Xbox user doesn’t get any extra features compared to the Sony PS3 user, in fact the Xbox user gets less. PS3 internet connectivity is free and its totally limitless. The PS3 also offers a nice virtual environment where players can create their own look and chat to others whilst, playing different games such as pool or bowling even dancing. All this comes free with the Sony PSN. The PS3 also has a nice internet browser, which can be used for watching videos or checking e-mail or virtually exploring any web page.

And there is this other rather weird looking electricity transformer which is used by the Xbox, It is literally huge and looks like it’s been made when Hitler was invading Europe. I guess it’s just one of those things that Microsoft uses to make the PS3 owners even more delighted they made the rite choice.

I must emphasize on the menu layout choice of both gaming giants as well. The Sony PS3 menu layout is way more user friendly and in my opinion it also looks better. We shouldn’t forget that the PS3 menu is also more customizable which enables it to be suited to a billion user preferences trough the available themes (free or with charge depending on the themes). I think its worthwhile mentioning the availability of animated themes which gives your user interface a even more interesting look. And now to move on to the cluttered, boring, unpleasant user interface of the Xbox. It has a menu virtually everywhere. You can go both left, right, up, down I would imagine Xbox working on the forward and backward menu as well. There is no sense of direction whatsoever. It looks like WWI or an alien invasion was coming forth and Microsoft decided to rush everything and decided to throw everything all over the place.

I know the market for these two consoles keeps changing and this post will get outdated the next second so tune in and check for updates. Thanks for reading.


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