Mobile Phone Concepts

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Electronics and Gadgets
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The following post is directed towards all the mobile phone concept fans out there who wish to find out about some of the best designs in my opinion. The information regarding the phones will be limited, mostly because it’s not a review post its just for pleasuring the eye.

This Samsung Brix concept phone looks pretty neat in my opinion. I can’t really identify the exact shape of the phone but it seems like it has some sort of extendable speakers. Seems like a great phone for multimedia purposes. The main idea behind it, is that the user can add addition Bricks or pieces (like Lego) to expand the multimedia capabilities of this phone. If the user requires a bigger screen, then extra Bricks can be added and the screen will be enlarged. This concept functions on the idea of “Need more? Add more!”

Have to say that this Nokia Touch looks amazing and has great potential out there. Nokia has got us used to the huge diversity of models and specs they provide the market with but this one really stands out from the crowd.

S series looks great and probably feels great too, taking into consideration the wooden finish. You can just imagine this phone on the leather seat or on the leather dashboard of a Bentley. It has a great potential to win out in the business class for mobile phone users.

The whole architecture of the phone inspires luxury and quality of taste. It’s not only great to have it, but you will also create a sophisticated external aura amongst your business partners due to the sleek appearance of this phone.

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