Palm smartphones become hot spots

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Electronics and Gadgets
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Palm has now expanded the parade of P’s (the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi) with a pair of improved products: the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus. Basically “Plus” has been added to the names as they offer something: instant Wi-Fi, which competitiors don’t. Both phones use Palm’s Web OS software, a fine, fluid operating system that in many aspects out-iPhones the iPhone. Among other pluses, the software multitasks, so you can put on Pandora radios as you process your e-mail. These are multitouch phones, too, meaning that two-finger gestures (like pinching to shrink a photo or Web page) work perfectly. Now, for the Plus part. WIth one tap, the Palm Pre Plus or Pixi Plus turns into a portable, pocket hot spot. You and five friends can be online simultaneously, with laptops, netbooks, iPod Touches, Wi-Fi cameras and game consoles and so on.

Source: International Herald Tribune

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