In order to use a computer, that runs as smoothly and efficiently as it can, it must be taken care of, in other words a regular maintenance check should be undertaken from a software point of view as from a hardware one as well on a regular basis. This is common for any objects we use or own, by this meaning that without taking care of it the life span will keep getting shorter and shorter.
I would start my regular maintenance with getting rid of any file or program which I don’t need anymore. Plus I must mention the fact that installing programs in order to check them out followed by uninstalling them is not very healthy for the computer system. Programs tend to leave files such as temporary files, saved data or shared files behind which if not deleted manually they remain there occupying space and thus slowing down the computer making it inefficient. So, by getting rig of unused programs and their left behind files then the system should work just fine as less RAM and virtual memory is used.
Another tip in maintaining a healthy computer is keeping away bugs such as viruses and worms, or Trojans etc. This may be done using a few various methods. The most advisable and logic idea is to use a good anti virus software with an efficient firewall function. These anti virus applications may be free or may need to be bought but if the internet functions are rarely used and there is little contact with unsafe websites then a free anti virus application may be used. To note the fact that there are many free anti virus programs, which are very good and do the job, an example would be AVG anti virus or Nod 32. Another way to avoid such mall ware is to visit safe websites, such as yahoo or google and avoid at any costs downloading programs or gaming cracks and trainers from unknown sources as these may be harmful to the computer and may contain Trojans or viruses.
Always perform regular updates for the operating system (OS) as new fixes may be released and these may result in increased processing efficiency or less time wasted with glitches and bugs in the software. Updates should also be performed on a regular basis for the anti virus software as well, as new virus signatures are made available almost daily due to the increased danger of viruses.
Operating systems files such as the Windows registry may require maintenance as well. A utility such as a registry cleaner may be used for this. A system backup can also be performed as part of the maintenance as in case of any unwanted change that cannot be reversed then the backup can be used to restore or return to the point when the backup was made.
From the hardware point of view, maintenance is also important. The monitor should be kept in a clean condition by cleaning any dust of dirt marks on the surface using special cleaning materials bought from a specialized computer shop. The keyboard and mouse can occasionally be cleaned as well in order to maintain a nice clean look.

  1. Alex Voeks says:

    Hi, first I want to say nice blog. I don’t always agree with your blogposts but it’s always a nice read.
    Keep up the great blogging.

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