Romania, a beautiful country situated in the south-eastern part of Europe to the north of the Danube river and to the north-vest of the Black Sea. Romania is surrounded by Slavic originating countries such as Bulgaria to the South with the Danube as a natural geographical boundary, Ukraine to the north, Serbia in the south-vest, Hungary to the north-vest and finally out dear friends the Republic of Moldova to the east (Moldova is a Latin originating country as it was part of the Romanian territory). As I already stated above, different regions of what is now currently Romania have been occupied by different tribes or countries such as the Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire (Yes, its true Romania OR Dacia which were our ancestors name is as old as the Roman Empire), Russian Empire etc.
Romania is the ninth country as surface area (238 391 km²) and the seventh as population (22 million inhabitants) as member of the European Union.
The capital is Bucharest (44°25′N 26°06′E) situated in the south of Romania with a population of about 2 million which means it is the sixth biggest city in Europe and the biggest in the country. In 2007, Sibiu a city in Romania was elected the European Cultural Capital. Romania is a member of NATO, OSCE, Latin Union and Francophone.
The currently known Romania has been split up into different states back for quite some time. The states were Moldova and Tara Romaneasca (The Romanian country in translation) which united in 1859. 51 years later 3 other states which were Transilvania, Bucovina and Basarabia joined to form the largest surface area that Romania has ever been.
Romania was declared a communist state in 1947 when the King Mihai I was forced to surrender as the territory was occupied by soviet troops after the war. The communism in Romania fell in 1989 after a series of street protests in Timisoara and Bucharest, which followed with the execution of the communist president Nicolae Ceausescu but with a regrettable large number of citizens which were shot deadly at Nicolae Ceausescus’ desperate order.
Our current political system is know as unitary republican with our freshly reelected president Mr. Traian Basescu and out prime-minister   Mr. Emil Boc. The GPD per capita in Romania is of $11,400 which is about 64th place worldwide and a total GDP as estimates for 2007 of about 246 billion $ which places us on the 38th place worldwide. Out national currency is known as the Leu (Lion).                                             From a geographical point of view, Romania is situated in the northern hemisphere, and hosts a large variety of relief types from the Carpatian Mountains (tallest peak being 2544 m, Moldoveanu, Fagaras Mountains), hills, plain lands, rivers, and sea. Romania is also know for the proportional equality in relief this being 35% mountains, 35% hills, 30% plain lands. The Carpatian Mountains stretch 910km along Romania to for a ring looking shape which form a great geographical depression called Transilvania. There have been identified 3700 species of plants on Romanian territory of which 23 were declared natural monuments.
Romania also has a very dense and interesting history from an innovation point of view as well, I will list a few inventions below:
· 1858 – Bucharest – the first city in the world which used petrol and the first petrol refinery to power up the street lights.
· 1880 – Dumitru Vasescu – builds the first steam powered automobile.
· 1905 – Augustin Maior – multiple telephoning
· 1906 – Traian Vuia – the airplane with a landing gear made up of wheels with rubber. He also built the first airplane to take off without any helping means, using only onboard equipment, in fact the first airplane.
· 1910 Tache Brumarescu – the machine that cuts trough sulfur.
· 1913-1916 Ioan Cantacuzino – vaccination against holera (Cantacuzino method)
· 1930 Elie Carafoli – the airplane with low wings.
· 1938 Henri Coanda – first Jet plane and the Coanda effect
· A crater on the moon carries his name this being Spiru Haret and the list goes on, proving one thing that the Romanian nation has very innovative roots.

I hope this post helped in defining an idea about Romania and if you have any questions related feel free to ask and I will try to answer ASAP. Most of the information has been extracted from and if you want to read more about Romania try the following link :
Or watch the following video which I STRONGLY recommend.

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