A proper introduction for everyone

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Introduction
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Hey everyone, i am still new to the blogging world, but i started to really enjoy it and adding a new post makes me even more anxious to write the next one and so on. For the time being, i will write a few posts in my own language, this being romanian, if you are really curious what the post contains you could use google translator as it is in my opinion really good and actually helpful. http://translate.google.com/#

Dont worry, i decided that after January i will write a couple of posts in english too in order to be even more helpful in the I.T and gadgets domain. My posts will most probably be consisting of computer tweaks and maintanance tips, reviews, ideas and opinions, u know, about all the nice little things that soround us and ease our day to day lives.

To push aside a bit the subject, i will also like to post a nice detailed review of Romania in order to give a more realistic view and impression of my country for anyone who is interested in finding out new things about countries around the world.

I hope u will find out interesting things from reading my posts and if u have any ideas or suggestions please leave a comment and i will read it asap.


  1. I like your blog greatly. Will read all. Keep up to marvelous writing on it. Gracias

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